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Finding a therapist that you feel safe and comfortable with, as well as who works in a way that you resonate with, is a very important beginning step in the whole therapy process. In fact, research has shown that the therapeutic relationship is a highly important element in the process of change that occurs in therapy. 


Hopefully this site enables you to gain more understanding of who I am, how I work and some other relevant information so that this decision is made a little easier for you. 


Paula Lewis (previously Paula Thomas) first started working with clients in 1999, graduating from the University of Western Australia Clinical Psychology Masters program in 2000. Between 2001 and 2004 she worked in Western Australia in the public mental health system (with children, adolescents and adults), as well as in the Child Development area. Paula moved to the Northern Rivers region in 2004 and has been in Private Practice locally since this time. 


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